Submitting a request for a Land Information Certificate

You can request the Land Information Certificate that contains the rating charges currently held on a property.

There is a statutory $20 charge for each certificate.

Certificates will be delivered within three business days by email.

If you need a certificate within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), you can pay an additional $41.80 (including GST).

If you require a certificate for more than one property, please make a separate
request for each property.

How to apply for a Land Information Certificate

  • Click on the Applications menu item on the navigation bar at left
  • Choose Submit an Application
  • Select the type of Application you wish to apply for from the Group and Type lists
  • Complete all steps in the application process and submit
  • You will be provided with a reference number for your request
  • Keep a note of this number to use if you need to contact the City of Stonnington regarding your request

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